Contact Lenses

woman putting contact lens on eyes

Hate wearing eyeglasses? Do you constantly lose them or do they bother you during the day? Experience freedom from your glasses with the latest in contact lenses for your vision. Contacts are constantly improving, making them more comfortable and easier to wear. At Beal Eye Care, we can help you make the transition from eyeglasses to contact lenses. We offer a contact lens exam and fitting to ensure you get the right contacts for you. Visit our office in Columbus, OH, or contact us to schedule a contact lens exam today!

  • Contact Lens Benefits
    • Have No Frames to Obstruct Your Vision
    • Reduce Vision Distortions
    • Do Not Fog Up
    • Great for Sports or Physical Activities
    • Offer a Feeling of Normalcy
    • Improved Peripheral Vision
  • Contact Lens Examinations

    We offer a thorough vision examination to see if you are a perfect fit for contact lenses. Whether you’ve never worn prescription glasses before or are tired of your exiting eyeglasses and need a change, schedule your vision test today!

Contact Lens Fitting

Get fitted for the perfect contact lenses today! Contact lenses allow for optimal vision without having to wear glasses all the time. There are many types of lenses available in the market including disposable contacts, daily wear contacts, colored contacts, and more. Our optometrist can provide you with a consultation to get you fitted for quality lenses for your vision needs.

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