Many vision issues can be addressed by wearing either eyeglasses or contact lenses. Upon discovering that you will have to choose between those accessories, you may have difficulty making that decision. Take this opportunity to learn more about contact lenses and why they could work best for your vision problems. If you’re a Columbus resident interested in wearing contacts, at Beal Eye Care, we can provide your desired accessories. Why should you request contact lenses from the optometrist near you? The benefits listed below highlight the compelling case for them.


Contact Lenses Are Easy to Acquire

First off, opting for contact lenses over eyeglasses makes sense if you need immediate vision correction. Your eye doctor will already conduct vision testing during your initial consultation. After collecting the results of your eye exam, your optometrist can give you trial lenses that suit your prescription. Choosing contacts means you can enjoy clearer vision following your first appointment with the eye doctor. You may still have to wait a bit to receive the contacts you’ll be wearing moving forward, but even the temporary solutions should prove useful.

Contact Lenses Are Remarkably Varied

The remarkable variety of available contact lenses can also serve as a good reason to pick them over glasses. With so many available options, you should be able to find accessories that suit your needs best. For instance, wearing soft contacts can be beneficial if you want to simplify your eye care. Soft contacts can be safely worn for several weeks without requiring much maintenance.

Daily contacts are even more convenient as long as you remember to maintain your supply. Those daily contacts don’t require any cleaning, and you don’t have to worry about misplacing them. Of course, you can also get traditional contacts after your vision testing and use them for an extended period.

Contact Lenses Are Suitable for More Activities

You should wear contact lenses over eyeglasses if you have an active lifestyle. Even if certain attachments can make glasses more compatible with physical activities, they still pale in comparison to contacts in that regard. Contacts are just easier to wear at all times, and you don’t have to store them safely before engaging in physical activities.

Get Fitted for Your New Contacts Today

Reach out to Beal Eye Care if you’re looking for new contact lenses. Stop by our clinic in Columbus at any time so we can set up your eye exam and lens fitting.

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